As I mentioned in my first post, I am new-ish to knitting, but not to blogging (or cooking, for that matter). I am a 20-something Nova Scotia transplant to Toronto, where I work as an editor for the Financial Post.

Knitting a sock on a patio. Photo by Zoe.

Because I’m a new-ish knitter, I have been scoping out the knit-blog scene for inspiration, camaraderie, etc. quite a lot in the last little while, and there isn’t as much out there as I was expecting. Oh, certainly, there are a lot of professional blogs/sites, but I like the ones where people chronicle problems, talk about what they’re knitting and why, and generally throw a little personality into the mix. I wanted to get in on that scene, and then figured that while I was at it I might throw cooking/food into the mix as well, because it’s fun and generally looks good in photos and I’m still too slow a knitter to make that the main focus. How many weeks in a row do you want to read about the same pair of socks, right?

Want to get in touch?
Twitter: @angelahickman
Ravelry: ahickman
Pinterest: Pansneedles
E-mail: angela.l.hickman [AT] gmail.com (no spaces, @-symbol, etc.)

7 thoughts on “About

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  4. runningkattales

    Our blogs kind of start out the same – “20-something” …I found you looking for pictures of Cape Breton – and glad I did! Love your “about”; you are so right about a lot of blogs out there… my spelling and grammar are usually crap (a real break from my day job.) I just love writing stuff and I don’t usually edit. Look forward to following along on your knitting/cooking journey :)

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