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Quickly, quickly


By the time you read this, L and I will be in (or at least on the way) to New York. It’s his birthday on Thursday and, even though I won’t have finished moose gloves to give him (I totally got the first hand done, though!), I can at least show him a good time in a big city. Although we have both been to New York before, we’ve never been together, so I’m pretty excited (and, before you ask, I’m sorry to say we’ll be heading back to Toronto before Vogue Knitting Live – before the marketplace even opens, actually, which is perhaps for the best, since I don’t want to high jack our trip).

We will be staying with friends in Manhattan, and while we have a rough idea of stuff we’d like to see and do, we’re not planning too heavily because we don’t want to feel rushed while we’re there. That being said – what is your New York must-see/must-do? Please tell me so I can impress him with my insider knowledge!

Okay, I have to pack, and finish work stuff (and probably repack – who are we kidding?), and try to get some sleep before I go (see how organized I am, writing this in advance). I may get a chance to blog while we’re there, but I sort of doubt it, so I will fill you in on how it all goes when we’re back. Until then, please enjoy this adorable little hat I knit for our friend’s baby shower on Sunday:

Unisex colours, totally girly wrapping paper. I still think they're having a boy, though.

Unisex colours, totally girly wrapping paper. I still think they’re having a boy, though.

It’s so cute I want to knit six more! (Ravelled here, if you want the details.)