A knitting blog?


Well, not quite. I mean, yes. This will be a knitting blog. But it will also be about cooking and recipes, and interesting household-y things I find.

Why? Well, I learned to knit just over a year ago and have been ramping up my productivity lately and thought it would be fun to have an online outlet. I already blog about books, so the idea of blogging is familiar and has proven a good motivator in the past. As for the cooking aspect, well, I work nights so I don’t get many chances to cook and I miss it. I thought this might motivate to do more cooking, and make more interesting dishes, when I get the chance.

I will update weekly – likely on Mondays – and maybe more, so check back and let me know how I’m doing, whether there are other things I should be focusing on, and what your favourite sites of this sort are.

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