That wet wool smell

I can't believe I didn't mess up a single chevron.

I can’t believe I didn’t mess up a single chevron.

It’s the smell of triumph. On Saturday, I cast off my Woodstove Season cardigan, wove in my ends, and wet blocked it. My first sweater, and it actually fits. I don’t know why I let sweaters intimidate me, but it feels like a real accomplishment to finish one. Obviously, I already have the yarn and pattern for my next one ready to go.

Because Woodstove took all weekend to dry, I don’t have any nice photos of my wearing it yet. I’m also not 100% sure it’s finished yet. It grew a few inches in length with blocking, which is fine, but I am now feeling that the pockets I had previously decided not to knit would suit it. Pockets aren’t a huge knitting burden (and I have yarn left) so I think I might whip them up this week and see. Proportionally, I think it needs something to balance the ten million buttons. Thoughts? (I’ll do a proper FO post when I have better photos and likely also pockets.)

This funny ombre effect is not there in real life.

This funny ombre effect is not there in real life.

To balance all the worsted weight knitting I’ve been doing lately, and in keeping with decidedly spring-ish weather, after getting Woodstove into its bath, I cast on something fun in laceweight.

Despite the greys in the photo, this is knitting up to look just like tarnished copper.

Despite the greys in the photo, this is knitting up to look just like tarnished copper.

I’m tend to forget about cowls, but with bicycling season upon us, the Hunter St. Cowl by Glenna C. seemed like the perfect balance between pretty and light and something practical that won’t fly off. I’m knitting it in Tanis Fiber Arts Pink Label in Lucky Penny. Even if I put it down in favour of pockets, this won’t take long to finish.

6 thoughts on “That wet wool smell

  1. introvertedknitter

    Gorgeous FO. I love the color and the buttons go so well. I think it would be good to have a pockets put in, as I often find myself wishing for them on the sweaters that don’t have them. I love the yarn cake and can’t wait to see the cowl. In terms of that wet wool smell, it drives my cat’s nuts as they invade the bathroom to sniff the air and meow at the FO or skeins hanging to dry.

    1. Angela Hickman Post author

      Haha. My cat did not like that my sweater took up most of the table, and she hates it when I wash socks and other knits, but it had never occurred to me that it was the smell. I’ll have to pay more attention to her nose twitching next time I wash my woollens.

  2. Excerpts of Awkwardness

    Gorgeous! After seeing yours I’m thinking about buying the pattern, but I noticed that some of the comments on the pattern say that not everything is spelled out. I’ve never knit a sweater before – do you think it would be a pattern to save for after I have more experience?

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