Signed, sealed, delivered



It was right down to the wire, but I finished Sproutlette on schedule, which meant it was blocked and ready yesterday when we went to visit our friends, who loved it. It was too warm for the baby to show it off, but it looks like it should fit her well.

What a fun little pattern. It has so many fun little details, and although I thought the scalloped eyelet cast off would take forever, it was surprisingly quick (I had considered switching to a picot bind off and am really glad I stuck with the pattern on this one, because those little eyelets under the leaves just kill me.)


Honestly, if had been any cuter I might have passed out. Or, at least succumbed to fits of giggles every time I picked it up. The super girly-ness of it is mitigated by the colour though, which suits both the parents and the baby, I think. (I was very tempted to knit it up in this, but I restrained myself.) I’d had this skein in my stash for almost a year, so I was happy to use it, and then half way through I decided I also needed something in this colour and went out and bought another skein. Sigh. I’m thinking cabled socks.


Pattern: Sproutlette Dress by Tanis Lavallee
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock in Lettuce (with 32g left over)
Needle: 3.25mm
Mods: I mostly just followed the instructions for the middle (6-12 months) size. I knit it at a tighter gauge, though, to get something a bit in between sizes. So, I followed the pattern as written and then after dividing for the arms I cast on three stitches in each armpit. I knit the stockinette portion of the skirt to 5.5 inches, then cast on eight stitches evenly for the leaf chart, giving me 14 leaves around the skirt. Then cast on two stitches for the scalloped eyelet cast-off and you’re golden. It’s ravelled here.

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