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So, after a fair bit of thinking, I decided to go with Burrard for the Summer Sweater KAL. I have had this cardigan in my queue pretty much since the the Winter 2012 issue of Twist Collective came out. I love the symmetrical, geometric cables and the shawl collar (especially the shawl collar), and I don’t have anything like it in my wardrobe, so I know it will end up in pretty heavy rotation once the weather gets chilly.

To be honest, though, I came very close to going with the Everyday Linen Raglan. I liked the idea of a speedy project that would probably allow time to also finish Grace by the end of September. What made up my mind, though, was that I wanted to take advantage of the KAL to learn something new. I’ve never knit a sweater in pieces, and this seems like a good time to tackle seaming and piecing.

So, here we go. I cast on for an arm when I got home last night – I wanted to cast on for one of the fronts, but an arm functions like an extended swatch, so it seemed like a better, if less exciting, choice. Once I get through a few more inches and know what my gauge is saying, I’ll cast on for a front and then had two pieces going at once: one in plain stockinette and one with cables. That’s a good balance and should keep me pretty focused as things progress.

Did you decide to join the KAL too? Do you think it’s crazy to knit a heavy sweater in the middle of summer? If you’re worried about being subjected to nothing but purple/grey knitting photos for the next two months, don’t be – I cast on for my Daphne‘s last week and finished the first sock yesterday, before casting on for Burrard. I want theses socks on my feet, so I promise to pop flashes of colour in here from time to time, because they are beautiful.


6 thoughts on “It starts now

  1. Sara Crafts

    Burrard is a nice choice. You should get lots of wear out of it. I LOVE the idea of knitting a sweater so that it’s actually ready to wear once the weather gets cold. If this KAL happens again next year, I’m tempted to join in!

  2. Cassy

    Hurrah! That looks to be a fun knit. Doing a sleeve for a swatch is a fabulous idea. I’ve never thought of that. Also allows you to get a boring bit out of the way. I’m always really ready to be done by the time I’m halfway through the sleeves. Can’t wait to see more!

  3. soknitsome

    I’ve also read that sleeves first = boring bit done!
    Seamed garments have a certain stability not always apparent in seamless kits. Yes you have to stitch ’em up but it is very satisfying once you’re done and of course the knitting process is easier because you never have quite so much on your lap!

    1. Angela Hickman Post author

      The less in your lap part is a big selling point because, honestly, the idea of a big wooly sweater filling my lap all August is very unappealing.

      I’m hoping the arms sort of knit themselves, since they’ll be the parts I can knit on here and there, whenever I don’t have the time/ attention for charts.

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