In my project bag


Ah, project bags. I love them, and when I saw this post (via this one) about the call to show what’s in them, I couldn’t resist. We were out and about today, but here’s what I had tucked into my purse.


I have a couple of these stuff sacks from MEC. This is a 3 litre one, which is perfect for socks, my others are 5 litres, which fits just about an entire sweater.


Inside this one, I don’t have much in the way of extras. I try to keep all my notions in one place so I don’t lose them, but when I’m knitting socks I throw my tape measure into whatever project bag I’m carrying with me. Besides that, a finished Charade sock and the second one in progress, I have the ball band for the yarn (Dragonfly Fibers Djinni Sock in Mushroom Hunting), and a little note to myself that has the basics for Stepping-Stones by Clara Parkes, which were the last project this bag held.

Seeing as I have a bunch of other things on the go, I’ll go through the rest of my project bags in the near future. What’s in yours?

5 thoughts on “In my project bag

  1. Sheena

    At the moment, I have yarn and needles to make a christmas gift, the pattern, some awesome folding scissors, darning needles, a tape measure and loose stitch markers. I tried keeping all my notions in one place, but I seemed to be pulling them out all the time when I started something new.

  2. Kim Wepplo

    A pattern for cup cozies for my daughter’s hockey team mom’s, three balls of yarn for the project, and a cable needle. I might, just might, have a few M&M’s in there too…

  3. Andrea

    What a cool idea! I may just have to do a little blog post this week disclosing the contents of mine, I’m a serious monogamist when it comes to my knitting so one is all I have! By the way, I love that you use MEC bags for your knitting.

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