Bad news/good news


Are you tired of looking at pictures of this sweater? I swear I’m going to finish it soon. I’m actually really right on schedule, but then on Wednesday I realized I was for sure going to run out of yarn.

In the interest of everything matching, I've started the second sleeve.

In the interest of everything matching, I’ve started the second sleeve.

I knew my yardage was going to be tight. I don’t know why I didn’t order an insurance skein a year ago (something I always do now), but I didn’t — maybe I thought I’d want 3/4 sleeves? This is the tricky part about letting a project languish for so long. Anyway, I knit the button bands and collar on the weekend, because if I was going to run out of yarn, having two perfect sleeves and no closures wasn’t really the way I wanted to go (for me, that’s pretty much a recipe for not finishing).

After knitting the button bands, I weighed my remaining yarn and came up with 41g per arm. I don’t know what made me think that I might be able to get away with that, but suffice to say that this picture was taken after knitting about 38g of yarn. For a minute I thought about just starting the ribbing there and calling it a day, but the more I knit on this sweater the more I get attached to the idea of wearing it all the time. You would think I’d hate the sight of it by now, but instead I’m liking it more and more. So, although I do tend to push up my sleeves to mid-forearm, making this a possibly suitable length, I know that it would annoy me not to be able to pull them all the way down inside coat sleeves and whatnot.

So I ordered more yarn. Two skeins, just to be safe (I’d really feel like an idiot if I only ordered one and then ran short again). I actually decided to add a second skein part-way through the order process, and I guess I didn’t do it properly, because I realized once I’d paid that I’d only ordered one, so I went back and ordered a second, just to be sure. Then, because I’d been billed twice for shipping, I emailed Quince & Co. to see if they could just bundle the two skeins together. In my email, I mentioned the yarn and dye lot, and miracle of miracles, a year later they still had two skeins of yarn from my original dye lot! I was fully prepared for not-quite-matching forearms, so I am thrilled to pieces about the match.

The yarn shipped yesterday, so if all goes well with the post, I might even get it in time to finish by the end of the month! Cross your fingers for me!

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