All the things


How do you blog about things that you can’t photograph or even really talk about? That’s the question I’ve been mulling for the last two weeks, and I’m not sure I’ve totally figured it out. I am knitting away over here, casting on new things and finishing others, and I can’t yet tell you about any of them! (Though, if you’re on Ravelry, you can obviously check them out on my project page…) In the meantime, here’s what all of that knitting looks like clustered on our mantle.

November is such a dark month.

November is such a dark month.

I am knitting away, and at least one of these projects I can actually show you (and will! later this week). After that, I do have a plan to carry this blog through until I start knitting things I can properly show off. As part of that, is there anything you’d like to see here (besides holiday spoilers, of course)? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

7 thoughts on “All the things

    1. Angela Hickman Post author

      Haha. Fair enough! This is just my holiday knitting, though — there are other projects (for me) that are not on deadline and thus, not included here.

      Really it’s not that there’s a lot of volume so much as it’s all I’m knitting and I can’t talk about any of it!

  1. Julia M.

    I have to admit that I regularly take a peak at your projects on rav (and admire your stash there … You have such beautiful yarns!) – and I love them all. Are you rotating projects at the moment or knit according to who you are going to meet first?

    Sorry for not commenting on your last posts, by the way – I have read and enjoyed them all, but I’m up to my ears in that exposé (STILL) and I CAN’T WAIT for December 1, when everything will be over … One way or another. :/

    Have a wonderful start of your week! 🙂

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