In the mountains


I really thought I’d have time to post before now, but there’s something about going on vacation in the middle of the week that makes life crazy. I am in no way complaining though, because now we’re here, and it’s wonderful. L and I have been planning this trip to Switzerland for months, and it almost doesn’t feel real, but then we think about what we’re going to do tomorrow and it involves hiking to 2,000 metres in the alps and well, there’s no denying the reality of that (or the reality of how stiff my legs will be afterwards!)


Anyway, there will be a more exciting, detail- and photo-filled post later, but I couldn’t resist posting these evening shots L took last night. This is the view across the valley (amplified with some zoom) and even though the clouds have been hiding the tops of most of the mountains, they work in our favour at sunset.


Ah. So lovely. And more to come, I promise.

8 thoughts on “In the mountains

    1. Angela Hickman Post author

      Hi Corinne! We mainly hiked in the Villars-Gryon area, which was fantastic. I’ve never been to Zurich, but I would love to visit — I hear nothing by excellent things about the city! If I make it there on my next visit, I will definitely let you know.

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