It’s back


You know how sometimes you don’t want to say something, even though you feel it, because somehow saying it out loud (or writing it down in public) makes it true? Well, I kind of lost my knitting excitement for a little while there, and now that it’s back, I feel like I can talk about it.

After finishing Balta, a project I was so happy with, I had a little cooling off period. That’s pretty normal for me after finishing a big project, and I was happy to work away on my Halligarth, but then between extra-long hours at work, the weeks of packing, and working on a project that was, frankly, boring (though going fine, and intended for someone who will love it), I just kind of lost it. I lost that drive to pick up my needles during downtime, and I didn’t have the compulsion to plan my next project — I was just kind of stuck, and I didn’t want to talk about it because it scared me. Since I started knitting, it has been a constant source of, well, comfort. It’s a creative, productive, de-stressing outlet, and something I love, and to suddenly not be inspired by it was a shock. (I still tried to get in a few rows everyday, but they were boring rows, and in a way more like practicing piano scales than working on a song, if that makes sense.)


I can talk about that now because the doldrums are over. We moved on the weekend and somehow amid the chaos of the half-unpacked boxes and the fun of setting up a new home, I found my knitting joy again. I had planned to do a bunch of sewing this week (I’m on holiday from work, and since my knitting wasn’t inspiring me, I made other plans), but aside from washing my fabric I haven’t made a single move toward my machine. Instead, in every free moment, I’ve been knitting away on these socks, which have been on my needles since May. May.

Our very dear friends (and parents of the adorable, adorable Amber) gave me two skeins of sock yarn for my birthday, and I cast on for a pair of Hermione’s Everyday Socks almost immediately, knit through the leg, heel and gusset of the first one, and then got caught up in other things. I picked them up on Monday and am now nearly finished the pair. They’re exactly the right kind of simple project I need right now, plus, the colours are fun and the yarn is from good friends I already miss.

Has this ever happened to you? I’ve definitely done through periods where I was less excited about what was on my needles and more excited about planning and stashing, but I’m not sure I’ve ever gone through a period where none of it seemed exciting. Thank goodness it’s over!

15 thoughts on “It’s back

  1. strickmaedchen

    Oh yes, I totally understand what you mean. When it happened to me, I was almost scared. How could something that was such a huge part of my life just be gone!? But fortunately the mojo came back.

  2. Bekah

    Yes, definitely felt like this a few times!! I always find some instant gratification (like preemie hats or socks) seem to be the cure… Long projects are rewarding, but can lack the excitement of a quick project! Glad you’ve got your knitting mojo back now though!! 🙂

  3. Sheena

    I’m going through this right now, and I think it’s because all the projects on my needles are for men in my life and I’m not working on anything for myself. But I console myself that when I’m finished knitting that last brown sweater sleeve, I’ll allow myself to cast on something magnificent for myself. It’s not totally effective as motivation goes, but its all I can do to get myself in the mood for long tubes of boring brown stockinette.

      1. Angela Hickman Post author

        Haha. Sometimes you just need to knit for yourself. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I’m always happy to knit for others, but it’s nice to include some things for b yourself too.

  4. Julia

    First of all: congratulations on your engagement! Don’t ask me how, but somehow, I was expecting that. 😉 How was your move? Are you somewhat settled now? I keep my thumbs pressed that everything is fine! (I still want to look up Ottawa on a map so I can get a feel for the place you are now).

    On to the topic: Yes, I have experienced that I didn’t quite want to knit and everything was boring. About twice, maybe thrice, since I started knitting about 4 years ago.For me, this mostly happens after some disappointment in a project, when I can’t get the number of stitches on a sock right to make it fit, if I have knit on more than half of a sock to discover that NO, the pattern/yarn combination WON’T work … I, too freaked out a bit, because like for you, it is a source of comfort and inner calm for me.

    The socks are so beautiful. I’m glad that you found your knitting mojo again! I have spun a lot over the weekend, because I’ve got a project that drives me nuts as well (RABBIT! AAARGH!)

    Have a great start into your week! If you haven’t started your job already: Good luck! 🙂

    1. Angela Hickman Post author

      Thanks, Julia! The move is done, but there is still so much unpacking… I can’t wait until it’s all done.

      I haven’t yet tried spinning, but I’m definitely curious about it. One of these days I’ll have to take a class.

  5. yvette

    I’ve gone through stagnant knitting periods too. There’s always that little panicked twinge of “What if it doesn’t come back?” Then the mojo comes back. Thank goodness.

  6. Audry

    I’m in a whole crafty doldrum at the moment. Most everything feels like “I have to do it” rather than experiencing the magic of wanting to craft. It’s a bit frightening. My usually strategy is to start something new to jumpstart the creative process. It hasn’t worked, so I’m hoping that by slowly finishing a project here and there, I start feeling like I have room for joy again. We shall see. (I think some of the doldrums were brought on by post-vacation blues.)

    I wonder if getting moved is what has brought you into and back out of the doldrums.

    1. Angela Hickman Post author

      It is scary. I actually had a moment where I thought, “If I don’t get excited about knitting shady, what am I going to do with my stash?”

      I bet once you get over the post-holiday return you’ll find your crafting joy again.

  7. Andi

    Sounds like the move may have been something that you needed to get done with in order for your mojo to come back. I think it is normal for many of us to experience that lack of desire. Good thing that it comes back, right?
    Love those socks!

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