As I mentioned in my first post, I am new-ish to knitting, but not to blogging (or cooking, for that matter). I am a 20-something Nova Scotia transplant to Toronto Ottawa, where I work as an editor for the Financial Post.

Knitting a sock on a patio. Photo by Zoe.

Because I’m a new-ish knitter, I have been scoping out the knit-blog scene for inspiration, camaraderie, etc. quite a lot in the last little while, and there isn’t as much out there as I was expecting. Oh, certainly, there are a lot of professional blogs/sites, but I like the ones where people chronicle problems, talk about what they’re knitting and why, and generally throw a little personality into the mix. I wanted to get in on that scene, and then figured that while I was at it I might throw cooking/food into the mix as well, because it’s fun and generally looks good in photos and I’m still too slow a knitter to make that the main focus. How many weeks in a row do you want to read about the same pair of socks, right?

Want to get in touch?
Instagram: Pansneedles
Ravelry: ahickman
E-mail: angela.l.hickman [AT] gmail.com (no spaces, @-symbol, etc.)

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  4. runningkattales

    Our blogs kind of start out the same – “20-something” …I found you looking for pictures of Cape Breton – and glad I did! Love your “about”; you are so right about a lot of blogs out there… my spelling and grammar are usually crap (a real break from my day job.) I just love writing stuff and I don’t usually edit. Look forward to following along on your knitting/cooking journey 🙂

  5. Isabel

    Hey Angela. I totally agree with your blogging philosophy here. It’s nice to know that people aren’t knitting in some kind of vacuum…we all have our own stories, and what we knit and why is part of who we are. Which is what makes it so fun! I am down in the southern hemisphere (well…from Australia but currently living in China…which is the northern hemisphere…so I’ve changed hemispheres for a while!) so looking forward to seeing what you Canadians get up to. I’m a new blogger too at http://www.nanjingnian.com and am thinking it’ll be similar to your blog – some knitting and craft, some life stories, some stuff about China, a mixed bag. But not cooking really as I’m a bit of a clutz in the kitchen. Happy blogging to you in Novia Scotia! xx Isabel

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