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Heels are annoying


extended cuff

Okay. To be fair, that isn’t entirely true. I don’t mind knitting heels most of the time, but they do require more direct attention than most of the rest of a sock. This heel was turned nicely  (if I do say so myself) and I picked up all my gusset stitches without any trouble. Perfect. Lovely. Then I proceeded to decrease as if I was at the toe, meaning that instead of decreasing two stitches per decrease round, I nixed four. I didn’t realize this until I was six rounds in. Rrrriiiipppp.

I tore it back all the way to pre-gusset, re-picked up my stitches, started again, and wouldn’t you know it, I was halfway through the instep on my first decrease when I realized I hadn’t decreased at all. Tink tink tink, back to the appropriate point, make the decrease, knit back. Oy. Things seem to be back under control now, but really, what the heck? Clearly I need to pay just a little more attention to where I am in a sock before I go at it willy-nilly.

Edited to add: I will put up full details about these socks once they’re finished. This is the second and I have a deadline that is fast approaching, so I should have wool and pattern details up shortly.