Buttons, buttons, I must choose some buttons


I’m still trucking along with Buckwheat (I think I’m half and inch from once again dividing for front/back, at which point I will try it on again), but I have to say, my previous enthusiasm has waned a little. Part of this can be blamed on the ripping, which is annoying, but part of it can also be attributed to the weather. It has been gorgeous here. We had a few days where the humidex took us into the low 40s (Celsius) and it felt tropical. Then, we had a great big storm and the humidity melted and it’s been humidity-free mid- to high-20s since. In short, fabulous weather. As a result, I just haven’t been sitting and knitting the way I usually do.

Anyway, I need to get re-motivated, so I’ve decided to start thinking about the buttons that will go on the shoulders of the sweater, defining the boatneck and adding a little bit of interest to what is otherwise a whole lot of stockinette. I bought some vintage buttons a while ago, but I wasn’t sure any of them clicked, so today I went to Kensington Market staple Courage My Love to check out their selection. I didn’t bring my camera, but suffice to say I spent quite some time examining their collection.

They have a ton. There’s a quite big selection of all kinds of different buttons displayed on part of the wall, and then, just when you think you’ve become saturated, you discover more. There are probably 60+ little wooden drawers, all containing buttons. Some of the drawers have been further subdivided, and others are a free-for-all of either lots of the same buttons or an assortment of vintage buttons, and really, it’s just a big, crazy selection.

While I was perusing, I overheard a woman next to me talking about needing to find “owl eyes” and, when I asked, sure enough she was knitting Kate Davies’ “Owlet” for her adorable little daughter. She looked both thankful and a little aghast when I explained that all the little wooden drawers were also filled with buttons, and I left because I saw what she found, but I’m sure she found something.

Anyway, I found a few things, and I’ve narrowed it down to (I think) three choices. I haven’t made up my mind, so if you’re feeling opinionated, please, please weigh in.


These are .5cm larger than the size Veera calls for, but I like them and think that’s not a big difference, so they’re included.


Black, possibly wooden, octagons. They’re the required 2 cm.


These are my ‘artfully mismatched’ selection. They’re vintage, and both the same size and iridescent style, only in slightly different shades. They’re also 2 cm.

And, in case you’d like to see them all together to better make your choice, here:

I don’t know if this makes it easier or harder.


6 thoughts on “Buttons, buttons, I must choose some buttons

  1. Cassy

    I think the black wooden octagons are my favorite overall. I like the idea of the wood, and love the shape. I also love the color of the first buttons. I don’t know if that helps if I pick two out of the three…hahah.

    1. Angela Hickman Post author

      Haha. It helps narrow it down. Those were my two real options as well. I think I might go with the octagons in the end, because in addition to being wooden and the right size, they’re the lightest. I really like the green/grey ones, but I’m worried they’ll be too heavy and pull the fabric down, which I definitely don’t want.

      They need a sturdier knit, I think. I’m sure I can find something suitable…

  2. Kristen

    I like the second option if they weren’t black. I like the wood octagon buttons, but the black on orange/pumkin just feels Halloweenie to me. Of the three, as they stand, I’d choose the third option. Pretty sweater!

    1. Angela Hickman Post author

      Does it help if I clarify the colour (which my camera refuses to accurately portray)? It’s more of a golden/mustard colour, so definitely in the yellow family. There were red buttons in the same size/shape – do you think they’d be better?

  3. Anne C

    I like the first option 🙂 The color, the size… They seem perfect to me ! I look forward to seeing how your buckwheat turns out, as I am planning to knit one for myself this winter.

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