From the Frolic


I’ve been on a bit of an inadvertent stash stockpile in the last few months and I think I’ve discovered what’s up (besides and obvious love of yarn): this is stress stashing. I’ve never really been someone who bought into the idea of retail therapy (hah), but yarn and clothes are very different beasts. There have been big changes at the Post in the last few months and work has been crazy and the result has been a lot of yarn coming into this little apartment (and yes, L has noticed).

I, however, am not worried, because I have a plan. Or, many plans. I bought Rachel Coopey’sĀ Coop Knits Socks last week and, although it has not yet arrived (yes, I bought the hardcopy; it comes with a code for a digital download, so it’s win-win), I am planning. At the Frolic last weekend I picked up:



Indigodragonfly Merino Sock in Safety Pin or Safety Pint: Discuss (explanation behind that colourway name here). This is destined to become Willowherb. (After the Frolic, in a fit of why-didn’t-I-buy-it remorse, I swept over to the Indigodragonfly site and picked up three more skeins of this yarn in various colourways. I am well stocked now.)


I also snagged a skein of Tosh Sock in Maple Leaf (it takes a Texan to see maple leafs as anything but red, I think, but this is exactly the colour of the maple leaves that are bursting forth right now, and I love it.) I’m going to turn it into Calamint. I’m not sure what the other skein, in Spectrum, will be ā€“ maybe another pair of these?


A skein of Tosh DK, in Cosmos, also snuck home with me, and while I’m not totally sure, I suspect it’ll be a pair of Stepping-Stones for me. Every winter I tell myself to knit some thick socks and every winter I don’t; this winter I’ll have no excuse.

So, that’s the yarn. I also picked up a Sweater Stone for de-pilling and a pair of sock blockers. These are just slightly smaller than my feet, which I think is good since it leaves the sock with a little stretch to ensure a snug fit. I got a pair (set?) of the metal ones and so far I like them just fine ā€“ they remind me of my grandparents’ bathroom, because every time we visited my grandmother always had several pairs of my grandpa’s socks hanging to dry over the radiator on giant sock blockers. (This is also why I call all thick and wooly socks “Grandpa Socks.”)

I will have an update on my Happy Street shawl soon (stripes are worthy of in-progress photos since they make for such delightfully visual progress). I am knitting away and have been monogamous since casting on. It’s driving me crazy, so if I can get the third repeat finished tomorrow, I’m taking the sock out with me for a few rounds at least.

7 thoughts on “From the Frolic

  1. caityrosey

    Nice additions to your stash. I’m trying to resist the urge to visit the yarn store when we visit the Twin Cities tomorrow.

  2. kiwiyarns

    I’m totally guilty of stress stashing too. Think of all the hours of de-stressing the knitting will give you as well! I’m glad to see that you’re rightly not feeling guilty.

    1. Angela Hickman Post author

      Yes to all of this! Future de-stress plus current fun. The planning and matching yarns to patterns is one of my favourite things (almost as enjoyable as the actual knitting), so when I don’t have time to pick up a needles, at least I have fodder for dreams šŸ™‚

  3. Audry

    You’ve put into words what I do as well! Stress Stashing. I try to be good, but sometimes all I want is a skein.

    I like your description of Grandpa Socks as well. I refer to those large brown leather buttons as Grandpa Buttons. It just seems so grandpa-like.

    1. Angela Hickman Post author

      The book arrived in the mail yesterday and I’ve been dying to cast on. I’m being good, though, and sticking with the shawl.

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