Very looooong stripes

At this gauge, the garter stitch is so wonderfully plump.

At this gauge, the garter stitch is so wonderfully plump.

I have been knitting my Sweet Street shawl very diligently since I cast on last Saturday night and managed to finish repeats three and four this weekend, despite spending most of the two days outside enjoying the glorious and unseasonably warm temperatures. Despite all my hard work and attempts at focus, though, I am slowing down.


As with all top-down shawls, the more you knit, the more there is to knit, because the rows get longer and longer as you progress. In the case of this shawl, where each repeat adds 84 stitches to the overall count, that meant I finished section 3 with 350 stitches on my needles. Now, the finished wingspan of this shawl is listed as 3 metres, which is basically enormous. My gauge tends to be a little tighter than Veera’s, but even if I only have it to 2 metres, that’s still a pretty big shawl.


I have no idea how big it is.

So, while I’m not surprised by the length of each row, I am a little dismayed at how long it’s taking to knit them. I have one repeat and and the edge to knit before I’m done and a week until my birthday, when I’d like to be wearing this, and I’m honestly not sure if I can make it. I’m going to knit like the wind, but these rows aren’t getting any shorter.

8 thoughts on “Very looooong stripes

  1. Cassy

    Ugh. Loooooooooong rows are hard. I always try to reason with myself and thing that I’m just doing the stitch over and over anyway, what does it matter how long the row is? But it does get me down a bit anyway. Hang in there. The shawl is looking beautiful so far.

  2. Excerpts of Awkwardness

    I’m in the same boat making the triangle portion of my lace shawl – each new row is exponentially larger than the last, and I got through the first 3 repeats quickly but this fourth one has taken forever to finish, and I still have three more before I can do the borders! Maybe I’ll be done by Christmas 😛

  3. Julie

    It’s so pretty! But yeah, I hear you on how long it takes to knit a garter shawl, I knit one a while back and it was pretty tedious. But the finished result will be worth it!

  4. gimmeginger

    I love the colors you chose! But yeah, after I finished Color Affection I decided I wouldn’t do another shawl that has such LONG rows for a while. But casting on a bazillion stitches is tough too.

    1. Angela Hickman Post author

      I realized the other day that I knit Colour Affection almost exactly a year ago, in a similar blitz (I was on holiday). One giant shawl per year is probably enough, but it sure helps put the smaller (read: regular-sized) knits into perspective.

      1. gimmeginger

        Yes!! I’ve been tempted by some lovely giganto shawl patterns lately, but not enough time has passed yet for me to have forgotten how long those rows get.

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