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Happy Street



L and I found a few minutes this weekend to get some proper shots of my finished shawl. It was actually harder than expected to photograph because it’s so big – 85 inches long and almost 16 deep.


It’s almost more of a scarf than a shawl, which will be perfect for fall and winter (I purposefully chose colours that will go nicely with my red winter coat for that very reason). The looser gauge means it wraps nicely around my neck, twice, so it fits well under a jacket or, wrapped just once, it’s perfect as an extra layer in the air-conditioned office.


Overall, I’m really pleased with this! (Details on it are here and/or here)

Almost as planned


Yesterday was my birthday. I’m lucky enough to work somewhere that believes your birthday should be a holiday, so I had the day off. It was lovely. I knit, I watched some TV, I baked a cake (chocolate zucchini cake with cream cheese icing – delicious).

My original plan, as you may remember, was to have my Happy Street shawl finished by my birthday, and I have to say, I almost made it. By the end of Friday I was finished all the repeats and only had the border to go. I figured that with the weekend to knit 12 rows and cast off, I’d be home free. Then I got sick. I barely knit four rows on Saturday (24-hour flu) and then had to work on Sunday. I got really close, but I still had to finish the last row, bind-off and block the shawl on my birthday. The bind-off row was nearly 600 stitches.


This is a big shawl. I knew it was going to be big, but this is really big. After blocking, it’s 85-inches long and almost 16-inches deep. It dwarfs my Colour Affection and I can comfortably wrap it around my neck twice. The garter stitch is soft and squishy, and the short row turns tightened up nicely.

I haven’t had a chance to get proper FO shots yet, but in the meantime, here are the specs.

Pattern: Happy Street by Veera Valimacki
Yarn: Sweet Fibre Yarns Super Sweet Sock in Luna (MC), Early Spring (CC1), and Spanish Coin (CC2)
Needles: 4mm
Modifications: None. I knit in my ends (at least at the leading end of each stripe), which was a great time saver. Also, on my last WS row (I bound off on the RS), I didn’t do any increases. My shawl is ravelled here.

More photos to come.

Very looooong stripes

At this gauge, the garter stitch is so wonderfully plump.

At this gauge, the garter stitch is so wonderfully plump.

I have been knitting my Sweet Street shawl very diligently since I cast on last Saturday night and managed to finish repeats three and four this weekend, despite spending most of the two days outside enjoying the glorious and unseasonably warm temperatures. Despite all my hard work and attempts at focus, though, I am slowing down.


As with all top-down shawls, the more you knit, the more there is to knit, because the rows get longer and longer as you progress. In the case of this shawl, where each repeat adds 84 stitches to the overall count, that meant I finished section 3 with 350 stitches on my needles. Now, the finished wingspan of this shawl is listed as 3 metres, which is basically enormous. My gauge tends to be a little tighter than Veera’s, but even if I only have it to 2 metres, that’s still a pretty big shawl.


I have no idea how big it is.

So, while I’m not surprised by the length of each row, I am a little dismayed at how long it’s taking to knit them. I have one repeat and and the edge to knit before I’m done and a week until my birthday, when I’d like to be wearing this, and I’m honestly not sure if I can make it. I’m going to knit like the wind, but these rows aren’t getting any shorter.

Sweet Street


I have been planning to knit a second Colour Affection for a while now. I wear mine all the time and every time I wear it someone compliments it. Since I knit the fingering-weight one last time, I thought I’d knit it in laceweight for the second go round for a little more versatility and so it isn’t just the same thing again. Then, Veera Valimaki went and released Happy Street and, well, my plans sort of changed.

Super Sweet Sock in Luna.

Super Sweet Sock in Luna.

Like Colour Affection, Sweet Street is a striped, garter stitch crescent shawl in three colours, but that’s basically where the similarities end. These stripes are wider and, because of some seriously clever short-rows, this shawl looks more like two colours striping over a solid background.

Super Sweet Sock in Early Spring.

Super Sweet Sock in Early Spring.

Saturday was the DKC Knitter’s Frolic in Toronto, so I hit up the marketplace with this shawl in mind. My original plan was to do the bright stripe in chartreuse and then choose contrasting colours based on that, but when I arrived at the booth for Sweet Fiber Yarns, that plan went straight out the window.

Super Sweet Sock in Spanish Coin.

Super Sweet Sock in Spanish Coin.

Sweet Fibre is new to me, and I was totally taken by their colours. I honestly wanted one of each, but I was very controlled and only bought three – all for this shawl. I was very tempted to go with a cashmere-merino blend, but then I remembered that there was a whole marketplace to shop in, so I needed to be smart (the rest of my purchases will get their own post). I was, of course, immediately drawn to the gold colour, and then to the smoky purple beside it. For the third colour (the background) I went with a grey that seemed to have some purple undertones. My Colour Affection is bright, and I wanted this one to be more subtle while still offering a pop.

Sweet Street

Sweet Street

I am in love. The purple and the grey are a little closer in tone than I was imagining, but I think as this grows they’ll gain better definition. The gold does exactly what I intended. I’m finished one fifth of the shawl (in repeats, not size), and the rows are already really long (over 200 stitches, I’d guess), but there’s something hypnotic and addicting about garter stitch stripes. My goal is to have this finished for my birthday, which gives me two weeks. That is rather optimistic I think, but who doesn’t like a challenge?