Sticking with it


I am normally way more about the process than the product when it comes to knitting, but man, I cannot wait until Kit is finished and I can wear it. The smooth dryness of linen is the perfect antidote to the crazy humidity and rain we’ve been getting (and don’t worry, L and I made it through Monday’s storm with just a few hours of no power and no flooding; we were definitely some of the lucky ones).


Anyway, I buckled down on Kit over the weekend and have been knitting on it every spare minute I can find and slowly, slowly, I am starting to see the finish line. I’m a few rows from casting off for the back, which will just leave front and straps to knit. In my mind, that’s nothing and I’ll be wearing this by the end of the weekend. Reality may have something different in store for me, but I’m starting to feel that end-of-project buzz, so lets not dampen that.



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