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You know that theory that you should knit things in the season before you plan to wear them, so they’re ready and waiting when the appropriate season? Well, I have not been so good at that. See: Finishing my Woodstove Season cardigan in April, or knitting Kit in the heat of July (when wearing it would have been perfect).

The tricky thing about this, though, is that it means knitting the heavy wool sweaters I want to wear in the fall and winter during the hot and heavy humidity of summer. Living in an apartment without air conditioning does not make this very attractive. But, in the fall…

So, this year I’m trying to plan ahead. I am totally not doing this alone, though. I had been thinking about this issue a little and then, as if on queue, Shannon over at luvinthemommyhood announced the start date for this year’s Summer Sweater KAL. I’ve never really done a KAL before, but this one seems so sensible: pick a pattern, knit it during the time frame, end up with a sweater just as the weather starts to cool down. I tend to respond well to deadlines (I am in journalism, after all), so I think I’m going to go for it. It starts next week, which means I need to get swatching, which means I need to choose a pattern (my already started Grace does not qualify).

I’ve narrowed down my choices to:

Cascade 220 in Liberty Heather (a sort of purplish grey)

Cascade 220 in Liberty Heather (a sort of purplish grey).

A. Burrard (from Twist Collective, Winter 2012). I love this sweater. Its cables are modern, it would be a great sweater-jacket type piece in the fall, and it’s knit in pieces, so at no point (other than seaming) would I have an entire sweater blanketing my lap in the heat. I do sort of suspect that this would take the entire six weeks of the KAL to knit (in part because I am just not cut out for long-term monogamous knitting). Also, in mid-September it will probably be too hot to wear this, so when I finish I’ll have to wait around to enjoy it. Hmm.

B. The Everyday Linen Raglan (from Purl Soho). This is more of a shirt than a sweater, I guess, but I plan to knit it in Louet’s MerLin, a merino/linen blend that will be a little warmer than straight-up linen, making it perfect for fall. This would be a quicker knit, so I could (potentially) get it finished and finish Grace (or get close to finishing Grace) by mid-September, which would mean two sweaters instead of one. On the other hand, it’s knit mostly in one piece (the sleeves are knit separately and then joined at the armpits), which makes it a bit less portable and more like a blanket. Hmm, again.

Louet MerLin in Steel Grey.

Louet MerLin in Steel Grey.

I have the yarn for both of these already, and I do plan to knit them both anyway, but still, what do you think? Help me choose! Also: have you done a KAL like this before? What did you think? (Do you think you’ll join this one?)

6 thoughts on “Planning ahead

  1. Cassy

    I love this idea! I think I’m going to join that KAL. I was floundering over what to knit next and this is inspiring me.

    You would definitely get more wear using the MerLin come September, but I’d say just make whatever you most want to make right now. The Burrard is stunning. I’m probably going to bust out some Cascade 220 from my stash. Time to brainstorm!

    1. Angela Hickman Post author

      That is exactly why I decided to join! I am definitely leaning toward Burrard, especially because without a timeline I think I’d let the knitting lag as I got caught up in other things.

      And, speaking of cabled sweaters, you should knit Kenzo! It’s worked in pieces too, I think, which is I think the only way to knit a heavy sweater in the heat of summer.

  2. salpal1

    I think you should make the Burrad because then you will have it all winter long. And, as you say, it will get done because of the deadline effect. I haven’t given this KAL any thought – but I think I will pass, as I am still in the midst of the CAL at Not Your Average Crochet, and that IS a blanket (I am glad she has the instructions posted early in the morning on Saturday!) so I need to be working on smaller things around that. But I do have a sweater all picked out and ready to go when the weather cools off a bit… hmm, I see what you mean….

  3. The Knitterly Hooker

    On my! I really like Grace (added it to faves!) I digress..Burrard is also nice for what you’re looking for. I love all the cables! I try to knit a season ahead as well, but if you’re a fast knitter’ you could probably knit in season.

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