Back at it


There is nothing like a long weekend to help you regroup. I don’t know where July and August went, but somehow it is now September, which means we’re heading into my favourite season. Whether it’s the product of canny marketing or just the subtle change in the air, September always feels like the start of something new, which drives me into a frenzy of organizing and cleaning and taking stock.


This long weekend has seen lots of that, and – hooray! – lots of knitting too. After nearly three weeks off (how did that happen? where did those weeks go?) I got back to Burrard. I finished the back this morning. I have another little project on the go, but I’ll wrap that up this week and then start the left front and the other arm. Everything will feel quick after the back, so I’m hoping that a few good knitting weeks lie before me and I’ll get this sweater done just in time for the air to turn crisp.


Did you enjoy your (long) weekend?

6 thoughts on “Back at it

    1. Angela Hickman Post author

      Thank you! One of the things I love most is that none of the charts have the same number of rows, so the cables feel organic and independent.

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