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In the interest of being organized (and keeping the house clean, since we have a ton of house guests coming over the next few months), I bought a basket. I love baskets, and this one is big enough to hold not only all my in-progress knitting, but also all the associate yarn (so, not just the parts of the sweater that are being knit, but also the many skeins of yarn waiting to make it to the needles). It is perfect.

Ganymede included for scale (and also because she was curious).

Ganymede included for scale (and also because she was curious).

I actually saw this basked at the end of June, and then didn’t buy it (why? I don’t know). The shop had about sixty of them, so I felt no pressure. Last weekend I went back expressly to buy a basket and this was the last one! And you know what, I would have been so sad if they’d sold out, so I am quite pleased with this purchase.



Having all these knits in one place does force me to realize that I have rather a lot on the go, though. This basket is currently holding: three pairs of socks, two sweaters, a cowl, and a shawl (the secret knitting is next to me on the table, almost finished!). In light of this, I may not cast on anything new for a little while – well, at least not this month.

7 thoughts on “Something new

  1. kiwiyarns

    Just love that picture of your cat investigating the tempting new basket. What an awesome basket! I have to say I have a few of those around the house… you can never have too many I think!

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