Still winter


There was a brief moment last week when I thought the end was in sight. The temperatures crept up to the -9 to 0 range (15 to 32 F) and I spent the weekend in my pea coat instead of my parka for the first time in ages. But winter is back. It’s going to snow and snow this week, and although the temperatures aren’t going to drop horribly, it is definitely still winter.

I am such a fan of this colour.

I am such a fan of this colour.

The one up-side to all of this is that it means I didn’t knit these super-warm socks in vain. These are Rye, by tincanknits, one of the great (and free) patterns from their Simple Collection, knit up in Tosh Vintage in the Amber Trinket colourway.

I may not be totally over the thrill of how quickly worsted-weight socks knit up. These took a week. A week in which I worked six of seven days, and worked long days for about half that stretch. These socks took a week from start to finish without even trying. I swear, if you just hunkered down, you could probably knock out a pair of these in a weekend.


For some reason, when I first saw this pattern, I thought the garter stitch panel looked like it would be bulky, or uncomfortable to wear inside boots or shoes, but I was totally wrong. The texture is a great way to show off a fun colourway, but the garter nestles right in and doesn’t add any extra bulk. Plus, combine a two-row repeat and worsted-weight yarn and, well, I mentioned they were fast, right?

Weirdly, both cuffs/legs of the socks were knit from the same skein, despite looking totally different. The feet (top photo) are different dyelots, though.

Weirdly, both cuffs/legs of the socks were knit from the same skein, despite looking totally different. The feet (top photo) are different dyelots, though. (I should also say that the socks are in the same order in each photo. So, the right sock has a light leg and a dark foot, and the left sock as a dark leg and a light foot. The entire right sock  and the left leg are all knit from the same skein.)

I used just over one skein of yarn (you can definitely see the difference in the dyelots) and I’m already planning another pair, using these leftovers for contrast cuffs/heels/toes. I was predicting a long cold winter back in the fall, so if I find myself casting on another pair of these, I won’t beat myself up about it. It’s still winter, and another pair of warm socks won’t go amiss.


Pattern: Rye by tincanknits
Yarn: Tosh Vintage in Amber Trinket
Needles: 3.25mm
Notes: I used the small needles for the whole pattern, rather than changing after the ribbing. I also did my normal slip-stitch heel, rather than the stockinette heel in the pattern. I stopped the foot pattern 1/4-inch before indicated so the toe would be smooth, and if I go ahead with my contrast-toe plans I might stop the garter a few rows earlier still. Ravelled here.

11 thoughts on “Still winter

  1. kiwiyarns

    I had to laugh at your -9 to 0 temps as being warm enough to wear a peacoat. If we had those temps here, people would be saying it was a bitter winter… if only. The socks look gorgeously squishy and toasty warm. Such a nice colour too!

  2. Andi

    I fear knitting worsted socks, as I don’t want to become addicted to how fast they knit up. So instead I will pretend that your socks are on fingering weight. They are fantastic!!!

  3. Julia M.

    I love the colours! I have never knit socks out of such big wool … But then again, we hadn’t had any cold so far in Germany this year (at least, not in my part of Germany). This is a truly lovely project … I plan to knit the sweater they have in their collection! The garter stitch panels look great. Good work! 😀

  4. Cassy

    Gorgeous! Love that shade of red and I bet it felt awesome to pull off a pair of socks amid a busy work week. This winter shows few signs of stopping, and I bet it’s much worse on your end. By the way, I’m moments from finishing The Curse of the Pharaoh. I have to wait a bit for the third book to be available at my lib, but they’ve been great listens so far. I love how straightforward Amelia is (and how often that sounds like snarkiness).

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