Fine feathered Madeleine




I don’t know why, but I always forget how much I like wearing skirts. When I was a kid, I absolutely refused to wear skirts or dresses and really only came around to wearing them on a casual basis in the last six or seven years. This all probably explains why it didn’t occur to me to try sewing a skirt until Sara and Andrea suggested it last weekend. I am so, so glad that they did.


This is the Victory Patterns Madeleine skirt and it represents what I spent most of the weekend doing (that and knit the button bands and collar of Grace). I have a very small stash of fabric, but this is one of the first pieces that made up that little stash. It’s Anna Maria Horner Field Study Linen (a linen-cotton blend) in the “Deep” colourway of Parenthetical Flight. I ordered 2 yards of it a few months ago, before I was really doing any sewing or knew how much yardage to buy. As it turned out, I was very lucky to get this skirt out of two yards, and actually had to sew pieces together for the waistband. Thank goodness I had decided in advance to forgo the straps.


The fun thing about sewing, besides the speed, is how much there is to learn. It reminds me of when I started knitting and everything was new and exciting and each project represented new skills. This skirt represents a bunch of firsts: using interfacing, making a buttonhole, sewing in a zipper, etc.


To choose a size I decided to measure a high-waisted skirt I already have, which put me between sizes 10 and 12. As it turns out, I could certainly have gone down a size: after walking out to take the pictures I realized the waist was too loose and, after getting home, moved the button out by nearly and inch and then added a hook-and-bar to the inside of the waistband. This pulls the zipper off its clean line a bit, but it’s not too noticeable and is a definite improvement fit-wise.


All in all, I am very pleased. I love the huge pockets and the length, and that I don’t need a belt, but could wear one if I wanted. I wore this all day today, and I am please to report that it’s suitable for bicycling, sitting on café patios, and wandering around city parks. In short, it’s a perfect summer skirt, and I still can’t quite believe I made it.

17 thoughts on “Fine feathered Madeleine

  1. Cassy

    LOVE THAT SKIRT! I’m a huge fan of giant pockets on a skirt. That looks incredible on you!! The fabric is beautiful and it looks like you did an excellent job with the details. I’m super envious.

    1. Angela Hickman Post author

      Thank you! The pockets on this are amazing: super deep, but not so deep you can’t easily access whatever you put in them.

      I have a feeling that in the future I’ll look back at the top-stitching and other details and sort of sigh, but right now I’m still new enough to be pleased they look as good as they do. I wasn’t the least bit self-conscious while wearing this out yesterday, which is definitely a good sign!

  2. hamilton chicklets

    Yay! I’m so glad you went for it! And this turned out so beautifully! Love the fabric choice and excellent job on the fit and all of the details! I’ll admit to not remembering what my first me-made skirt was but I doubt it turned out quite as perfectly as this one!

    1. Angela Hickman Post author

      Thank you! I definitely see myself sewing more skirts this summer now.

      I think my top-stitching leaves a bit to be desired, but thanks to the print on the fabric (and the dark thread choice) the wobbles are only really noticeable close up.

  3. Andrea

    Well done, Angela! This skirt fits you so well and the print you chose is beautiful. I can see this pattern turning into a TNT for you and can imagine a winter version made out of tweed as well as a fun denim version.

    1. Angela Hickman Post author

      Thank you! I was thinking about maybe making another out of the deep indigo chambray Claudia has. I hadn’t even thought of making a wool version, but that sounds like exactly the skirt I spent the winter wishing I had. Definitely something to think about.

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