Summer socks


As promised: more finished socks! This pair has been sitting, half-done, in my WIP basket for nearly a year just waiting for the return of warm weather to push me into picking them back up.

It was quite a sunny day when we shot these, but since they're meant to be summer socks I guess that's alright.

It was quite a sunny day when we shot these, but since they’re meant to be summer socks I guess that’s alright.

This is one of the few sock patterns I’ve knit twice, and honestly I think I could knit them a third time. The lace is so fun, and the logic of the pattern makes the chart pretty quick to memorize (or, if not completely memorize, at least make it more of a glance).


I knit these using Indigodragonfly’s Bleats, Shoots & Leaves (a merino, bamboo, silk blend) in the Baldersquash colourway. I got the skein a few years ago through their fibre club and I don’t think this base ever made it into their regular rotation, which is too bad, because I would absolutely buy more. It’s such a lovely summer-y yarn, slightly cool to the touch with enough stretch to be pleasant to knit with. I also really love this colourway, which is excellently squash-y.


Despite the long timeline for knitting these socks, the pattern is very quick. Each sock took about a week at a casual pace, so if you’re thinking you could use some pretty summer socks, I would definitely suggest this pattern. I have a skein of Indigodragonfly’s Merino-Silk in my stash (which is what I used for the first pair) and I am seriously considering casting on for a third pair.


Pattern: Daphne by Cookie A.
Yarn: Indigodragonfly Bleats, Shoots & Leaves in Baldersquash!
Needles: 2.75mm
Notes: The only thing I’d say is to knit this using a magic loop. I’m a dpn fan, but the chart repeats once across each side of the leg, with stitches moving back and forth, so if you’re open to the magic loop method, it makes for a quicker/less annoying experience. I also wish I’d knit more stockinette before the toe. I did 6.5 chart repeats on the foot, but should have stopped at 6 and knit a few more stockinette rows. The socks are perfectly comfortable, but I think the stockinette would have mode them more robust (and certainly easier to darn if/when the time comes). Ravelled here.

11 thoughts on “Summer socks

    1. Angela Hickman Post author

      Haha. Well, it turns out that leaving a bunch of stuff partially knit makes for a nice spree of finishing things up! It kind of makes up for all the time I spend knitting Grace.

  1. kiwiyarns

    That colour is so juicy and summery! And you have done a fabulous job of the socks as usual. I have a few Cookie A patterns queued… I really ought to get to knitting more of them! She does do a good sock pattern.

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