It’s all coming together



I have been working on that pile of pieces since March (!) and I am so, so excited to be bringing them all together. This is Epistrophy, which I did indeed cast on for about six months ago. In all fairness, I really haven’t been working on this for six months. I knit the body in a blitz back in the spring, and then put it aside in favour of various other projects (some socks, Balta, etc.). I cast on for the first sleeve two weeks ago, and now I’m finished both! The minute I’m done writing this I’m going to join everything together and get through the first few long, pre-yoke rows.

I am, right now, 15 rounds from the colour work, and I seriously can’t wait. I’ve read through the next portion of the pattern a few times (a combination of due diligence and excitement), so I’m reasonably confident that there are no surprises coming to trip me up as I plough ahead. I realize that for a lot of people, devoting several hours on a bright and sunny (but chilly) Sunday to knitting stockinette in purple-brown yarn wouldn’t be thrilling, but truly, I can’t imagine a better way to spend my early afternoon.

Fall is truly on our doorstep now, and if I buckle down, I can welcome it wearing a brand new sweater.

4 thoughts on “It’s all coming together

  1. Audry

    Hurrah for a new sweater! I am a very project-oriented knitter, so getting closer to finishing a sweater is extremely exciting to me. It sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday.

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