I’m working on it



And by “it,” I mean both my selection of winter accessories (which is very thin) and this hat, which is Karusellen by Erica Knits, from the fall issue of PomPom Quarterly (I just renewed by subscription, actually — I can’t believe it’s already been a year!).

Anyway, about this hat. I opted for a deeper doubled brim, because it is friggin’ cold here (currently -14C, feels like -23C, which converts to about 7F and -9F) and I wanted a hat I could pull right down to my eyebrows when necessary. I’m knitting this is quite a sheepy, farmy, rustic yarn, which I got a couple of years ago. It’s from a farm called Lamb’s Run, near where I grew up, and the gold/brown was dyed the woman who lives there. It’s a wool/mohair blend, though I couldn’t tell you the proportions, and I suspect (hope) it will soften up with a wash. Either way, it will be very warm, and since I managed to knit the heads on these dala horses last night and start the decreases, I think I will be wearing it very soon!

I wrote ages ago about my plan for a Dala set, so once this is off the needles, these are going on. And not a moment too soon, since my mittens are just about to wear through again (I’ve already patched them once…)

5 thoughts on “I’m working on it

  1. Stefanie

    I like how you’re going for colorwork this winter. Here in California, it’s like high 30’s to low 50’s and that’s cold for us. I know, I know, we’re terribly spoiled and picky as it’s either too hot or too cold.

  2. introvertedknitter

    I understand the need for a warm hat with a long brim. The US midwest can be down right awful when it we get hit with winter winds. As for the hat’s softness, I know of a few people that will either knit a second brim or grab some fleece (like for a tie blanket) and sew that in, perhaps just around the forhead area to make it a little more bareable. The extra fabric also provides the added bonus of making it doubly warm. Regardless the pattern is just so lovely with those warm rich colors. Awesome job.

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